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Winclove Probiotics is a Dutch company specialized in research, development and
production of effective and evidence-based multispecies probiotic food
supplements. We are an expert in the field of probiotics for over 20 years now.

Winclove’s expertise is to develop highly effective probiotic formulations for
specific health indications that reach from the traditional gut area to innovative
areas such as women’s health and upper respiratory tract infections.
Wherever an imbalance in the microbiota causes problems, we seek for an
optimal way to restore the microbial balance with probiotics.

In this way we have developed to date11 indication specific formulations, under
our brand name Ecologic®. These products ae sold by our business partners
under private label, with co-brand Ecologic®, all over the world.

To guarantee the efficacy of our probiotics we optimize our formulations with the
PROBIOACT® Technology. These ingredients improve the bacterial viability,
resulting in a value-based product for our clients and the most effective solution
for the consumer.