Vesale Pharma

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Vesale Pharma, dedicated to probiotic applications, is a pioneer company yearly devoting 23% of its turnover in R&D by developing functional & fundamental research on probiotic health products and technologies, with on the forefront his leading technology for probiotic micro-encapsulation, INTELICAPS®. Vesale work with major Belgian and international Universities and Institutes in Europe and USA. Vesale is selling its products in about 20 countries worldwide. Since 2017, the company especially signed exclusive major distribution contracts in China, Morocco, Mexico and India.

In 2020 the company is launching a new exciting probiotic strain, Lactobacillus johnsonii 456, which proved colonising the intestinal tract for a prolonged period of more than 60 days after a one-week intake. This strain will open many possibilities to novel developments in the probiotic market.