Prof Gregor Reid

Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, and Surgery, Western University

SPEAKER – Probiotics and Microbiome – Disentangling fact from fake news
14 February @ 17.30

Gregor’s laboratory at Lawson Health Research Institute focuses on beneficial microbes and their role in the health of humans and other life forms (honey bees, salmon). He has produced 28 patents, 530 publications, and given over 600 talks in 54 countries, resulting in a Google Scholar H factor of 93 with over 30,000 citations. An Honorary Doctorate from Orebro University in Sweden and a Canadian Society for Microbiologists Career Award recognized the impact of his work which has led to millions of women worldwide receiving probiotics to improve urogenital health, and over 260,000 weekly consumers of locally-made probiotic fermented food in Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya. Gregor is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

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