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Probi is a world leader within probiotics – dedicated to probiotics only. The vision of Probi is to contribute to healthier life by delivering effective and well-documented probiotics, with proven health benefits based on scientific research. Probi offers probiotic expertise and partnership all the way from R&D to finished products for companies within the consumer healthcare and food industry. Probi manufacturing is GMP certified and produces proven and effective probiotics in custom made formats with value-adding delivery technologies.

Founded by scientists in Sweden 1991, Probi is a multinational company with 4 centers of excellence, active in more than 40 markets around the world and holding over 400 patents worldwide.

Join us for a morning run on 14th February sponsored by Probi.  Everyone is welcome to take part in a 5K run led by a running coach. A pleasant combination of running technique drills, intervals and fun! A good start and a healthy boost to energise yourself before attending the rest of the conference.

Running is good for your health in general but does also have an impact on you bone health. Bone health is an important health area and a new exciting field where probiotics could make a difference. Probi® Osteo is a new probiotic concept – proven to reduce bone loss and maintain strong and healthy bones.

Learn more about probiotics and bone health in the Probi®Osteo White paper.