There has never been a better time to launch a microbiome or probiotic start-up. As major universities look to spin-out and licence key discoveries, global food and pharma businesses open up venture funds and external innovation programmes and incubators to draw innovative entrepreneurs into their orbit – there are rich pickings for microbiome pioneers in search of money, experience and a global platform for their ideas.

NutraIngredients have been on the hunt for entrepreneurial start-ups to join our Probiota Pioneers session and pitch their company and ideas to a room full of experts in Copenhagen in February. After careful consideration and numerous excellent entries… we have our winners!

Probiota 2019 Pioneer Winners

Caroline Beckman

The Nouri team has created bio-technology solutions to connect the brain and body in the smartest, most scalable way yet.

Our goal is to provide nutrition solutions globally that will irradiate the roots of mental health diseases. We are beginning with a focus on the gut, as we know that gut microbes produce hormones and neurotransmitters that are identical to those produced by humans. We have created consumer-ready technology for both adults and infants to focus on the first 1000 days of life. We believe that when effectively supported during the first 1000 days (from conception until year two), human beings will see a reduction in common mental health diseases.

Mike Rogers

TrooFoods is a prebiotic-based gut health food co. on a mission to inspire people change their diets to live long, healthy & happy lives.

Our VISION is to make Troo an everyday brand and an expert in gut health.
We are PURPOSE driven, balancing this with the need to create profit to realise our vision.
We VALUE simplicity, authenticity, creativity and being straightforward; doing our best in every way, every day.

Our MISSION is achieved in 4 ways:
1.By helping people UNDERSTAND the science and the research
2.By INSPIRING people to make better food choices
3.By making it easy to buy gut healthy food that is DELICIOUS & CONVENIENT
4.By allowing people to track the difference and SEE THE BENEFITS.

Our Pioneer winners will be presenting at Probiota 2019 as part of our Probiota Pioneers Sessions.

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