VideoClipSymbolMicrobiome manipulation proposed as way to ‘engineer’ health

The advent of synthetic biology, to essentially enhance microorganism capability is the radical approach being proposed to address micronutrient deficiencies and ‘engineer’ health. Watch and read more

Can prebiotics rival drugs for exercise-induced asthma?

The ability of prebiotics to reduce exercise-induced asthma – a common ailment among elite and amateur athletes – is exciting the research and sporting worlds alike as a powerful drug alternative or adjunct. An ad hoc trial has already been undertaken by British Olympians. Watch and read more

Making a deposit: Faecal biobanks have ‘great potential’

The interest in stool transplants or faecal microbial transplants has gathered momentum in recent years giving rise to the concept of faecal biobanks. Watch and read more


A debate is brewing over what exactly constitutes a prebiotic, and whether the established definition needs to be updated. NutraIngredients spoke with leading researcher Professor Bob Rastall to find out more. Watch and read more


The emergence of probiotics in oral health has led to an acceleration of research into these friendly bacteria as a potential functional ingredient in gum and mints. Watch and read more

read storyNew research presented at Probiota 2017 demonstrates cholesterol-reducing microbiome modulation

Researchers from the University of Reading and OptiBiotix Health presented two posters on microbiome modulation at Probiota 2017, a major event for the global prebiotic, probiotic and microbiota-focused food and pharma industries. Read more