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Lumina Intelligence is an insights service for the online probiotics market, providing detailed product information on what drives consumer satisfaction, and therefore supporting innovation, product development and competitor analysis. We now track online search data as part of our offering so that subscribers can understand the mindset of consumers both pre and post purchase

Our data includes probiotic supplements, juice, cosmetics and kombucha – capturing 1,400 brands and over 3,100 brand variants from 25 countries. We track formulation, proprietary ingredient and pricing data from the labels of best selling products, as well the number of reviews and average star rating.

Our on-demand Probiota 2021 talk “Catching new consumers: 5 trends in a COVID world” examines the impact of the pandemic on the way consumers research probiotics on search engines like Google. It offers deeper insight into the mindset of new consumers who entered the market in 2020 including their main concerns regarding probiotics and more specific drivers of growth within certain categories.”
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