Dr. Luis Gosalbez

Managing Director and co-founder, Sandwalk BioVentures

Luis is the MD and co-founder of Sandwalk BioVentures, a specialty strategy, innovation and regulatory consulting firm focused on microbiome technologies servicing companies in the food and pharma sectors, as well as financial and strategic investors exploring to enter this field. He is also the Business Development Director at Clasado Biosciences UK, the developer of the prebiotic Bimuno®. Luis received his BSc and MSc in Biotechnology from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, his PhD in Biology from the Catholic University of San Antonio and a Master’s in Bioscience Enterprise from the University of Cambridge.

Luis will present Regulation of Probiotics & Prebiotics in Europe: A survey among all Competent Authorities and be a panellist on the panel: Opportunities and ongoing regulatory challenges across Europe for probiotics and prebiotics.

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