Fermented Foods Showcase

Interest in fermented products is growing. For Probiota 2020, we’ve invited a selection of fermented food producers to showcase their products. From Kraut to Kimchi and Kombucha to Kefir, visit the sampling area to get your tastebuds tingling.

You’ll be able to sample products from:

Eaten Alive started in 2016 when two top chefs, Pat and Glyn set out to fuse gut health and gastronomy with their raw fermented vegan foods.

They have created multi award winning lines of bio live kimchi and chilli sauce. As they developed these products they noticed more and more benefits from consuming them too. Making foods that make you feel as great as they taste became their passion.
As the UK’s leading producer of kimchi Eaten Alive supply many top restaurants like Soho House and Gordon Ramsay Group, and their ground breaking bio live, yet shelf stable, sauces have been a big hit with consumers.

They maintain their focus on manufacturing exceptional tasting vegan products, naturally, sustainably and continuing to drive the category forward with innovation and great value.



King of Kefir was founded in 2013 by Gerry Scullion, a Monaghan man with a passion for brewing craft drinks. They have a simple ambition to produce a healthier, light and refreshing alternatives to high sugar or artificially sweetened soft drinks.

Their hand crafted water kefir drinks are produced in small batches in the Chocolate Factory, in the heart of Dublin. Water kefir is a live culture fermented beverage which is teeming with beneficial and gut friendly bacteria and yeast.

King of Kefir uses organic and/or fair trade ingredients where available and their drinks are very lightly sweetened using the extract from the stevia plant.
Each bottle takes approximately three weeks before it’s gentle fizz is ready to be enjoyed, as they carbonate through a natural process called bottle conditioning.

Their drinks are gluten free and dairy free and are suitable diabetics.



KO Kombucha was started by Ronan & Tracy who had an urge to start their own business and a passion to put something authentic and beneficial out into the world. Ronan is the master brewer having perfected his recipe and method from hobbyist to small batch commercial brewer over the past 5 years.

KO is currently stocked nationwide in Ireland with the aim of bringing the product to Europe and beyond and being one of the few not only in Ireland but in Europe, brewing kombucha in the traditional way (not from concentrate) to create a functional beverage.

Their mission is to bring organic, healthy and delicious kombucha to the people of the world!