Elaine Patterson

Senior Scientist and Technical Lead of the Brain Health Platform, IFF

Elaine has always been curious about the links between diet, the gut microbiome and health. After achieving a Bachelor of Science honors degree in Neuroscience from University College Cork (UCC) in 2009, Elaine expanded her education and experience further afield and completed a doctoral degree in Microbiology. During her post-doctoral research at APC Microbiome Ireland, Elaine bridged the gap between her background and knowledge in Neuroscience with that of Microbiology and dived deep into research of the microbiome-gut-brain axis. Elaine has been in her current role for over 3 years and is exploring how dietary supplements, including probiotics, can impact brain physiology, function and behaviour to influence human health. Elaine has extensively published in the fields of microbiome, probiotics and health throughout her career.

Elaine will present HOWARU® Calm– for healthy mood support, followed by a Q&A with Dr Stephen Daniells, and will be a panellist on the panel: Opportunities and ongoing regulatory challenges across Europe for probiotics and prebiotics.

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