Dr Toshitaka Odomaki

Section Manager of Microbiota Research, Next Generation Science Institute, Morinaga Milk Co

PANELLIST – Modulating the microbiome through the lifestages
13 February @ 15.35

During an 19 year career with Morinaga Milk, one of Japan’s biggest dairy businesses, Toshitaka has worked in manufacturing, product development and research. Today he heads up all microbiota related research within Morinaga’s Next Generation Science Institute.  He has been involved in research projects in probiotic efficacy and gut microbiota at International institutions including the RIKEN faculty of agriculture and universities in Japan and Cork, Ireland.  He and his team hold the JSBBA (Japanese Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology and Agrochemistry) Award for Achievement in Technological Research. Toshitaka himself has received the Prize for encouragement from the Japanese Dairy Science Association and Bifidus Foundation, and the Young Excellence Presentation Prize from the Japanese Society of Lactic Acid Bacteria.  He has a PhD in agriculture and life sciences from the University of Tokyo.

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