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AB-BIOTICS is a research company focus on the development of innovative solutions based on probiotic and microbiome technologies. Located in Barcelona, AB-BIOTICS started its probiotics research programme 12 years ago setting its own collection of more than 1000 strains, sourced from different target places from all over the world. Applying the classic pharma development model lead on an innovative portfolio of well-documented and specific probiotics products for target conditions. AB-BIOTICS offers pharma quality products manufactured under GMP certified manufacturing facilities and according most important regulatory standards. The pipeline includes a range of proprietary supplements designed to improve health in specific health conditions.
AB-BIOTICS has the vision that in the future the microbiome will become a relevant therapy in the treatment of many diseases. Is for that reason that AB-BIOTICS has also developed a pharmacogenomics platform to be able to match the human genome with the microbiome, to identify the therapeutic needs. AB-BIOTICS is already active in the diagnostics business.